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Aircraft Performance Apps For Takeoff

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Aircraft Performance without Wi-Fi
AFM Sloutions Aircraft Performnce Apps

We Custom Design For Part 121, Part 135 Or Part 91 Use
Our software follows the AFM (Aircraft Flight Manual) procedures in the most strict fashion, producing accurate and valid results.
Upon your request, we will program additional features and procedures, as required by your flight department.
Each Application is Written Specifically for Your Aircraft Type and Model

We account for all the aircraft settings (Flaps, Anti-Ice, etc.).
Any necessary corrections such as runway slope, headwind etc. are applied.
The software combs through all the possible weight limitations without exceptions.

AFM Solutions always corrects the climb gradients for wind and other factors.
The two examples below illustrate how an
extra 2800 lb of fuel can be added simply by including a 30 Kt headwind correction.


Climb Gradients

  • 1st. Segment Gradient
  • 2nd. Segment Gradient
  • Final Segment Gradient
  • En-Route Climb Gradient
  • 3rd. Segment Acceleration Distance and Height
  • Gross Leveloff Height and Gross Leveloff Corrected Pressure Altitude

All Corrections Are Applied, One-Engine-Out Takeoff and climb

One-Engine-Out Takeoff and Climb
Takeoff Distance With All Corrections Applied
Accelerate-Stop Distance and Accelerate-Go Distance
Complete Runway Analysis
Runway Optimization Applied with Obstacle Clearance
V1, VR, V2, Enroute Speed, etc.


Takeoff Thrust
Maximum Continuous Thrust

Takeoff values are calculated after a thorough
Weight Limit Analysis
Structural Weight Limit
Limit due to Runway Length
Limit due to Obstacles
Limit due to Required SID Gradient
Limit due to Brake Energy
Limit due to Tire Speed
... or any other applicable limit

Calculations are performed for all runway conditions:
Dry, Wet, Contaminated Runways

Airport Database
(US airport only)

Falcon 900EX, Flaps 20 Deg. Anti-Ice Off, Zero Wind

Takeoff Performance Calculator

Falcon 900EX, Flaps 20 Deg. Anti-Ice Off, 30 Kts - Headwind

takeoff performance app runway analysis

Lear 55 Sample

Takeoff performance app for iPad

In this example the maximum allowable takeoff weight is limited due to runway length.

Proposed Weight input box contains the number 19,533 Lbs. The program did not use this weight since the Use Proposed Weight box was not checked. Instead, it produced the maximum allowable takeoff weight.

In this manner you can quickly check the performance for your takeoff weight transferred over from the weight & balance form, or find the maximum allowable takeoff weight without having to retype any information.

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