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Aircraft Performance App For Beechcraft Premier I


The Beech-Premier I App consists of 3 sections, Takeoff, Landing and Weight & Balance
Computations are made for Dry, Wet or Contaminated Runway Surface. Here is a summary of the quantities being computed

(All appropriate corrections are always applied)
Weight Limit due to Climb Requirements
Weight Limit due to Brake Energy
Weight Limit due to Field Length
Weight Limit due to Obstacle/SID Requirements

Takeoff Field Length
Accelerate-Stop Brake Energy
Takeoff Speeds, V1, VR, V2
Final Segment Climb Speed
Enroute Climb Speed
Climb Gradients (One Engine Out):
-1st Segment, 2nd Segment, Final Segment, Enroute Segment
Flight Path Distances:
-From Reference Zero to the end of 2nd Segment
-3rd Segment Net Acceleration Distance
-Final Segment Horizontal Acceleration Distance
Takeoff and Max. Continuous Thrust Settings
A complete flight profile is calculated for obstacle clearance.

Weight Limit due to Landing Distance
Weight Limit due to Climb Requirements
Weight Limit due to Brake Energy

Landing Distance - Dry Runway
Landing Distance - 60% Factored
Landing Distance - 80% Factored
Landing Distance - Wet/Contaminated Runway
Landing Brake Energy
Landing Speed - Vref
Approach Climb Speed
Approach Climb Gradient
Landing Climb Gradient
Go-Around Thrust Setting
All appropriate corrections are always applied

Typical Takeoff Example - Premier I/IA

In this example we are using 10 deg. Flaps
Anti-Ice is OFF

There are no obstacles to be cleared
and no special required SID gradients

Typical Landing Example - Premier I/IA

The button "
Copy Data From Takeoff Form" copies all the input data from the takeoff form and puts it in the landing form.

This can be useful in case an emergency landing has to be made immediately after takeoff.

Simply press the green "
Go" button to obtain full landing detais.

Note that the
Weight Limited By Landing Distance is shown in red.

That is because it is less than the maximum 11600 lb landing weight.
However, you see a green checkmark at the top since the landing weight of 10000 lb is less than the 10028 lb limit.

Premier I/IA - Weight and Balance Example

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