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Aircraft Performance App For Learjet 45XR


We have software for over 50 different types of aircraft and are adding new aircraft to the list as they become available.

Takeoff Sample Problem - Clearing an Obstacle Requiring a 15 Bank Angle Turn of 45 Degrees

The associated conditions:

Wet Runway
Thrust Rev. - Max
Flaps - 20 deg.
Anti-Ice - Off
Anti-Skid - On
APR - Armed

Lear 45XR Takeoff Screen With Details

Click the blue
"View Details" button next to the "Go" button and a pop-up box will appear with all the details.

The program will show the various weight limitations encountered.

The most restrictive one was selected and used in the calculations.

In a situation where an obstacle distance is greater than the maximum distance for 2nd. segment climb, the program handles it exactly as per the AFM instructions.

When entering obstacle distance that is given in nautical miles, press the appropriate button to let the program know that the distance is in
nm and not in feet.

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