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Diamond D42

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Diamond DA42 Performance Software

This amazing, low-priced iPad app is available at a very low price!

The examples below show the EU-OPS version
(US version also available)

In the examples all the weight units are in kilograms and runway length and takeoff distance are in meters

The software offers full
Takeoff/Departure analysis, Landing analysis and detailed Weight and Balance computations

View or Download the User Guide for the iPad app shown in the examples below
User Guide DA-42 (2.7 MB)

The Weight and Balance section is customized for your particular aircraft.
Upon request we can add a more detailed weight and balance analysis.

An example of computed optuput is shown here
(EU-OPS version using meters and kilograms)

View User Guide

DIAMOND DA-42 Weight and Balance Example

Weight and Balance App - Diamond DA-42

DIAMOND DA-42 Takeoff Example

Whenever the software finds that the takeoff weight is limited, there is detaild text box containg additional information describing the limitation, the "View Details" button .

(EU-OPS version using meters and kilograms)

User Guide

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