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Aircraft Performance App For Falcon 900EX

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For examples of Contaminated Runway Computations, please scroll down.

In this takeoff example the program has computed the following:

  • Aircraft structural weight limit
  • Weight limited by climb requirements (not limited)
  • V1mini, V1, Vmbe,VR
  • Weight limited by runway length (not limited)
  • Weight limited by obstacle (46000 lbs)
  • Using runway optimization the horizontal distance from reference zero was calculated to be 44953 ft.
  • Initial 2nd segment gradient of 7.7% includes a correction for 30 Kts headwind.

Before headwind corrections the gradient value was 6.8% - not enough to clear this obstacle with 46000 lbs.
In case a final segment is required, the Net Final Seg. Gradient will be calculated along with proper transition height and distance.
In this case the obstacle is cleared during the 2nd segment, so the field labeled Net Final Seg. Gradient is in fact the En-Route Climb Gradient.

  • The calculated gross level-off height is 2837 ft.
  • Takeoff thrust was calculated at field elevation and temperature.
  • Max. continuous thrust was calculated at a pressure altitude of 6337 ft and temperature of 19.3 deg. C.

AFM Solutions always corrects the climb gradients for wind and other factors.
The two examples below illustrate how an
extra 2800 lb of fuel can be added simply by including a 30 Kt headwind correction.

Falcon 900EX, Flaps 20 Deg. Anti-Ice Off, Zero Wind

Falcon 900EX Takeoff App

Falcon 900EX, Flaps 20 Deg. Anti-Ice Off, 30 Kts - Headwind

Falcon 900EX Takeoff App

Examples Of Landing Calculations

In this example the aircraft landing distance is less than the runway length, but its required field length is longer.
The Weight Limited by Landing Distance and Weight Limited by Landing Field Length values are displayed in the shaded areas.
Weight Limited by Landing Distance is 44500 lb - so it is not limited.
Weight Limited by Landing Field Length is 36752 lb. This tells us that with a runway (or LDA) of 6400 ft, the aircraft landing weight must not exceed 36752 lb.

Falcon 900EX Landing App

In the example below, even the Landing Distance is longer than the Runway Length available. Landing is not possible in this situation with a weight of 37000 lb.
If the aircraft weight is brought down to 36842 lb, then the Landing Distance would equal the Runway Length.
The program shows that the
Weight Limited by Field Length is zero. This means that the even with the lowest possible aircraft flight weight, the Field Length (1.67 factor) will be greater than the Runway Length.

Falcon 900EX Takeoff App Details

Takeoff On Contaminated Runways Examples - Falcon 900EX

Falcon 900EX Performance App

In the example below, the initial 2nd. segment gradient corrected for 30 Kts headwind is 3.3%
The zero-wind gradient, before corrections was 2.9%

Falcon 900EX Performance App
Falcon 900EX Performance App

Landing On Contaminated Runways - Falcon 900EX

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