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About AFM Solutions

About Us

Our high level of expertise and decades of experience in the area of aircraft performance is what gives you the guarantee you will receive a performance tool of remarkable quality and extreme accuracy.
- What Our Clients Say About Us -

AFM Solutions and its Founder

In 2009, Dejan Rajcic founded AFM Solutions with a commitment to produce aircraft performance software at the highest level, which will satisfy the needs of business aviation today. We have the expertise to create software for any type of aircraft.

Dejan Rajcic, Pilot and Physicist, has been writing cutting-edge software for
40 years, since 1977.
In 1982, he graduated from
North American Institute of Aviation with Commercial Pilot and CFII certificates and Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings.

In the 1990's, Dejan began developing aircraft performance software for Ultra-Nav Aviation Inc. as Senior Development Engineer, and continued to create new programs and apply his skills for this company for well over a decade. There was no non-compete agreement between the two parties, so after leaving Ultra-Nav, Dejan embarked on a mission to create a company built on the idea of more efficient, more versatile yet ever-evolving software for multiple computing platforms.
With his strong background in aircraft performance, physics and engineering and scientific computing, Dejan saw that there could be more to offer for aircraft performance software.

AFM Solutions employs up to seven experienced part time and temporary employees with college degrees. Their duties mostly involve digitizing of Aircraft Flight Manuals, Quality Control, and Marketing.

Dejan Rajcic
President, AFM Solutions

The Software

AFM Solutions software was created using sophisticated, proprietary methods developed by Dejan. These are the same mathematical and computational methods, procedures, and algorithms Dejan developed and applied in his physics laboratory as a college professor for many years. Our basic software follows the A.F.M. protocols very strictly. In addition to the basic version, we are always willing to go further and customize the software to our clients’ specifications and needs. For example, some flight departments like to add a safety margin of their choice to all the numerical results, others like to adopt their own custom procedures in complying with take-off minimums or obstacle clearance.
Our Weight and Balance portion of the software is always custom-designed for each client individually.
The basic apps include a limited Airport Database which covers the US territory.

The goal of AFM Solutions has always been to provide the best aircraft performance software at the lowest possible prices. Keeping the company’s overhead expenses as low as possible allows the savings to be passed on to the customers.

That is why today, AFM Solutions is able to produce aircraft performance software of unsurpassed quality and value.

What our customers say about us

"AFM Solutions are the Best…Outstanding Product, easy to: install, use and update on the iPad and iPhone. Dejan incorporated many ideas we wanted to add all at no extra cost. He adjusted his product to our needs with next day if not same day turnaround service. I would purchase his product again and again without hesitation,
said James King,
Director of Aviation, Challenger.

"I am very happy that we chose AFM Solutions for our iPad W&B app. The best part of the experience has been the outstanding customer service we received. They were able to customize the app to meet our specific requirements and have been very prompt with providing updates as required. The performance data has been accurate and matched the numbers from our FMS."
said Paul Tocknell,
Captain - Challenger 605, Nationwide Insurance

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