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AFM Sloutions Aircraft Performnce Apps

Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or a laptop,
we have you covered!

For Part 121, Part 135 or Part 91, EU-OPS, CASA

We have chosen the "Web-App" delivery method so we can design custom software for each flight department.
This would not be entirely possible using the App-Store, as it would limit the apps to a "one-app-fits-all" format.
Our iOS Apps Are of Stand-Alone Type and Do Not Require Internet Connection

Apps designed for iPads

For iPhones

No Wi-Fi Required - Apps can be used in the air anytime!

For Any Device Using Windows
(Windows 10, Win 8 Win 7, Win 2000,XP,Vista)

Each Application is Written Specifically for Your Aircraft Type and Model
Our applications always contain at least the following forms:

  • Takeoff Form
  • Landing Form
  • Weight & Balance Form

  • Email Summary Form (W&B Load Manifest)
  • Airport Database Form - Learn More

(The database is not required in order to use the software)

The Weight and Balance form can be emailed. The email can include multiple pre-set email addresses if needed.
Any form can easily be saved and printed with
Air Print in case you need to retain the results of your calculations.


Climb Gradients

  • 1st. Segment Gradient
  • 2nd. Segment Gradient
  • Final Segment Gradient
  • En-Route Climb Gradient
  • 3rd. Segment Acceleration Distance and Height
  • Gross Leveloff Height and Gross Leveloff Corrected Pressure Altitude

All Corrections Are Applied, One-Engine-Out Takeoff and climb

One-Engine-Out Takeoff and Climb
Takeoff Distance With All Corrections Applied
Accelerate-Stop Distance and Accelerate-Go Distance
Complete Runway Analysis
Runway Optimization Applied with Obstacle Clearance
V1, VR, V2, Enroute Speed, etc.

Takeoff Thrust
Maximum Continuous Thrust

Takeoff values are calculated after a thorough
Weight Limit Analysis

  • Structural Weight Limit
  • Weight Limit due to Runway Length
  • Weight Limit due to Obstacles
  • Weight Limit due to Required SID Gradient
  • Weight Limit due to Brake Energy
  • Weight Limit due to Tire Speed

... or any other applicable limit

Calculations are performed for all runway conditions:
Dry, Wet, Contaminated Runways


Landing Distance
Factored Landing Distance/Field Length
Approach/Landing Speeds
Approach Climb Gradient
Landing Climb Gradient

Landing Weight Limits
Go-Around Thrust

Calculations are performed for all runway conditions:
Dry, Wet, Contaminated Runways


Custom Graphical Weight And Balance Forms

Graphical CG Envelope Forms (with optional fuel burn curves)
Our input form matches your aircraft configuration for easy data entry
The results are placed in a W&B summary form which can be emailed with one click

Weight and Balance Calculations Include
Fuel Moments
Moment Limits
Center of Gravity Limits
Passenger & Cargo Weight Analysis

email-ready Summary Form includes:
PIC and SIC names, Route Flown, Date, Aircraft Weigts/Max. Weights, CG Limits, Number of Passengers, etc.

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Free Weight and Balance Software - King Air 350Challenger 850 TakeoffDETAILED OBSTACLE CLEARANCE ANALYSISChallenger 850 Weight and BalanceKing Air C90Weight and Balance iPhoneKing Air Weight and Balance Form

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