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Weight and balance software for KingAir C90A/B

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King Air C90A/C90B - Main Menu Screen

King Air C90A/C90B - Main App Screen

The Weight and Balance app calculates the CG and moment for Takeoff, Landing and Zero Fuel.
If a quantity is outside the allowed limits, the app shows an alert.

This page can be printed if needed.

Weight and Balance - King Air C90A/C90B iPad App

King Air C90A Weight And Balance

The Weight and Balance input screen allows the user to enter the weight of each passenger and each cargo/storage area.

One can easily customize this section and modify the number of passenger/ baggage stations and their designations.

One can select a different Fuel Density if necessary.

King Air C90A Weight and Balance
King Air Takeoff Performance App For iPad
King Air C90A Takeoff Performance Data

Here we have the same airport as in the previous picture, but we have selected "
Two-Engine" Takeoff performance.

King Air C90A Takeoff Performance App

Example Involving An Obstacle on Takeoff

King Air Performance App - Takeoff Obstacle Clearance

The weight is limited by obstacle here.
The obstacle is located 12300 feet from the end of the runway and is 750 feet high.

The proposed takeoff weight is 9900 lb, but due to the obstacle, the maximum takeoff weight allowed is 9435 lb.

Landing Performance - King Air C90A/C90B

King Air C90A Landing Performance App

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