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Aircraft Performance App For Gulfstream G200

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We have software for over 50 different types of aircraft and are adding new aircraft to the list as they become available.

Takeoff values are calculated after a thorough Weight Limit Analysis

  • Structural Weight Limit
  • Weight Limit due to Climb Requirements
  • Weight Limit due to Brake Energy
  • Weight Limit due to Runway Length
  • Weight Limit due to Obstacles
  • Weight Limit due to Required SID Gradient

Finally, the software uses the most restrictive of the weight limits found

When calculating a takeoff weight limit due to
obstacle the software will find the required average gradient.
Then, the optimum obstacle clearance weight is calculated by finding the
best average available gradient.
The available gradient is calculated by finding the average of:
Climb gradient at
airport pressure altitude and temperature, and climb gradient at level-off pressure altitude adjusted for ISA temperature deviations.

All corrections such as wind, runway slope, anti-ice, etc. Are always applied.

Runway optimization is applied in obstacle clearance calculations.

Speeds, V1 and VR and Takeoff Thrust are computed at the airport pressure altitude and temperature.
Speeds, V2 and Vfto or Venr and Max. Continuous Thrust are computed at level-off pressure altitude adjusted for ISA temperature deviations.

Note: Software displays the Final Segment Climb Gradient and Speed even if the final segment is not required.

Calculations are performed for all runway conditions:
Dry, Wet, Contaminated Runways

Download the user guide for the G200 iPad App General Instructions (2.03 MB)

Gulfstream G200 - Weight and Balance Form

Gulfstream G200 Weight and Balance Form

Our basic version provides weight and balance calculations for one leg.
However, we can customize your app to include several route segments, as needed for a small additional fee.

Gulfstream G200 - Weight and Balance Input Form

Gulfstream G200 - Landing Form

Gulfstream G200 Performance App - Landing

Gulfstream G200 - Landing Form - Fied Length Limit Example

You can easily select
the runway condition

G200 Takeoff Contaminated Runway Data Options

Gulfstream G200 Performance App - Takeoff Performance

G200 Takeoff - Contaminated Runway Example

In this example, the program accurately calculates:

Takeoff Field Length
V1 speed
VR speed
V2 speed
Vfr, Vsr speeds

for the selected runway condition
with Flaps 12 Deg.

Note that the effects of Anti-Ice on and Surface De-Ice on, have already been accounted for in the AFM data.

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