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Aircraft Performance App For Falcon 900B

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We have software for over 50 different types of aircraft and are adding new aircraft to the list as they become available.

Weight and Balance Output Form - Falcon 900B

Falcon 900B weight and balance

Weight and Balance Input Form - Falcon 900B

Falcon 900B Weight and Balance

Takeoff Form - Falcon 900B

Falcon 900B Take-Off

In this take-off example the aircraft needs to clear an obstacle 3800 ft high, located at 65000 ft from the end of the runway.

The runway is 6500 ft long and has a downward slope of 0.5% (or -0.5%).
headwind component is 25 knots. This program always makes the necessary headwind corrections and runway slope corrections when computing field length, climb gradients or speeds.

Max. continuous thrust and final segment gradient values are computed at pressure altitude corresponding to the gross level-off height. This altitude is always
adjusted for temperature deviations from ISA conditions.

The app finds the optimum weight at which the aircraft's
net flight path clears the obstacle by a minimum of 35 ft.
In this case a full flight path is required and the calculated values are shown in the picture below.

If a departure procedure requires a turn during the initial climb, one can select the necessary bank angle in order to obtain a more accurate value of the 2nd segment climb gradient. In this example the bank angle is not needed and is set to 0 degrees.

Falcon 900B Take-Off Performance

This pop-up window will show you the important details of the net and gross flight path from reference zero to the obstacle.

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