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KingAir 350i

Examples > King Air

App for iPad
Includes Takeoff/Departure Performance
Single Engine Service Ceiling
Landing Performance
Customizable Weight & Balance

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Calculations Performed For
Flaps Up or Approach
A/C Bleed Air On or Off
Engine Anti-Ice On or Off

This app will find all the Takeoff Weight Limitations:
Weight limit by
climb requirements
Sengle EngineService Ceiling

Weight limit by
tire speed
Weight limit by
field length
Weight limit by
Obstacle or SID gradient


Takeoff Field Length
1st Segment Climb Gradient
2nd Segment Climb Gradient
3rd Segment Climb Gradient
(if an obstacle is present)
Horizontal Distance to 3rd Segment
(if an obstacle is present)
Speeds: V1, VR, V2, V35, etc.
Singl Engine Service Ceiling
Dry Runway data
Wet Runway
Contaminated Runway


Weight limit by climb requirements
Landing Distance
(Both Engines)
Landing Distance (1 Engine Inoperative)
Vref, Approach Speed
Approach Climb Gradient
Balked Landing Climb Gradient

Dry Runway data
Wet Runway
Contaminated Runway

King Air 350/350i Weight and Balance App for iPad

King Air 350 Weight and Balance App for iPad

The user can select one of many different aircraft configurations, including a User-Defined one.

King Air 350 Weight and Balance

The computed results can be saved.

Takeoff Example - King Air 350

King Air 350 Performance Software

In this example there is an obstacle that needs to be cleared.

If clearing an obstacle requires a 3rd segment climb, then the program also calculates the distance to the beginning of 3rd segment.

The Single Engine Service Ceiling is Also Computed
(Not shown here, but included in Part 135 user apps)

Data is also available for contaminated runways

Example Showing Landing Data

The Go-Around altitude is used to compute the Approach Climb Gradient.

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