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Each Application is Written Specifically for Your Aircraft Type and Model

We have software for over 50 different types of aircraft and are adding new aircraft to the list as they become available.

Some sample views of Takeoff Screens, iPad version

Gulfstream G550 App for iPad Runway Analysis

Example of Takeoff with Obstacle
G550 App

Aircraft Obstacle Clearance Analysis Software
Challenger 601 takeoff performance calculator

(Challenger 601 3A-3R demo version shown here)

Here, the proposed weight is 40129 lb but the maximum allowed weight is calculated to be 32352 lb due to the obstacle encountered during the 1st segment climb.

The aircraft configuration is:

  • APR-Armed
  • Anti-Ice: Cowl Only
  • 10 Stage Bleeds -Closed

Before displaying the results above, the program has calculated the
Brake Energy Limit,
Tire Speed Limit,
Climb Limit,
Obstacle Limit,
Field Length Limit
and has found that the
Obstacle Limit of 32352 pounds is the most limiting factor in this situation.

CL-605 Takeoff Form

CL605/CL604 demo version shown here)

King Air 90 Takeoff Form Aircraft Performance App

King Air C90 version shown here)

A few additional screenshots...

__________ Weight & Balance Screenshots __________

Weight and Balance CL 601 3A Calculator

Challenger 601 3A-3R demo version shown here)

The Email Options button opens the following form where the information can be edited and then
emailed or printed.

This form can be customized to better fit your needs.

Enter data easily using the built-in keyboard

Aircraft Performance iPhone app

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