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Aircraft Performance App For Beechjet 400A


This app is a complete takeoff and landing performance solution for your Beechjet 400A aircraft. As always, weight and balance software is included and customized to your specific needs.

Weight and Balance Output Screen - Beechjet 400A

Takeoff Example with a Weight Limit - Beechjet 400A

The Takeoff Power computation uses a Ram Air temperature equal to the OAT value.
The Max. Continuous Thrust values are computed using a Ram Air Temperature adjusted for
speeds of 100 Kts in order to produce more realistic results.

Takeoff Example With an Obstacle - Beechjet 400A

The Runway-Drop correction is made due to a runway slope of -1%
Since the obstacle is cleared in the final segment, all the flight path values are shown:
The distance flown from reference zero to the beginning of third segment.
The 3rd. segment horizontal distance (leveloff height of 400 ft)
The horizontal distance flown during the final segment

Landing Screen Example - Beechjet 400A

In this example the proposed landing weight is 15100 lb.
However, at this high weight the required Landing Field Length exceeds the runway length.
The weight must be reduced to 13200 lb in order to correct this problem.
Furthermore, the weight of 15100 lb exceeds the Brake-Energy weight limit.

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