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KingAir F90 Aircraft Performance and Weight and Balance App

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Includes Weight and Balance and Detailed Takeoff and Landing Performance
See screenshots with details below

Weight and Balance Output - King Air F90 App For iPad

King Air F90 App For iPad
Free Weight and Balance Software

Takeoff Performance Example - King Air F90

First, the user enters the airport information
(2) One-Engine-Inoperative Performance is recommended, but the user can select Two-Engine Performance if necessary.
(3) Takeoff performance can be computed for Flaps-Up or for Flaps-Approach.
(4) If an obstacle is present and needs to be cleared, press “Obstacle".
If there is a required SID gradient, press the SID button, otherwise press None.
(5) When all the input data has been entered, press the green Go button to compute your answers.
(6) If the weight is limited, the program will display the Maximum Takeoff Weight Allowed and the corresponding
performance data.

When computing performance the program
always checks for

  • Structural Limits
  • Field Length Limits
  • Climb Limits
  • Obstacle Clearance Limits (if applicable)
  • SID Gradient Clearance Limits (if applicable)

(7) The user can choose whether to include the Accelerate-Go Distance over a 35 ft Obstacle, or not.
The Accelerate-Stop Distance, Takeoff Ground Roll and the Accelerate-Go Ground Roll are
always taken into account by the program.

Landing Performance Example - King Air F90

Landing Performance - King Air F90

Two-Engine Performance Example - King Air F90

Two-Engine Performance Example - King Air F90

Some Enroute Computations Examples- King Air F90

Enroute Computations - King Air F90

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