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Weight & Balance and Performance App for iPad

(more details available soon)

User Friendly Weight & Balance Input Form

The user can tap on each seat on the right to enter the preset weight, or the exact weight can be entered in the boxes on the left. After all the information has been entered press the green "Go" button to see the computed results.

The CG diagram shows the Takeoff, Landing and Zero-Fuel points, as well as the fuel burn curves ranging between zero-fuel and takeoff levels. The lines on the left are fuel burn lines without any water methanol. The lines on the right are with water methanol (full).
The Ramp weight moment and CG are also computed, but are not shown on the graph.

Takeoff Form Example - Jetstream 3200

The user enters the required airport informations on the left.
The computed performance is shown on the right.

Download the user guide for the Jetstream 3200 iPad App

General Instructions (1.8 MB)

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