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aircraft weight and balance software for airlines

AFM Solutions Has
The Best Flight Apps



Find Optimum Flap Setting On Takeoff In Just Seconds

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Our software is used by airlines and flight departments worldwide

All Software Includes
Aircraft Weight and Balance Calculator

See Our Low Prices

We Custom-Design Each App for You

We Place Special Focus On OEI Obstacle Clearance and SID Procedures

Our apps can include the following in obstacle clearance:

  • Standard OEI methods as described in each AFM (segmented flight profile)
  • Alternatives to standard methods
  • Procedures adopted by your individual flight department
Over 45 Years Experience

AFM Solutions
is much more than a simple performance calculator.

We solve your toughest performance problems and find the optimum takeoff weight in any situation!

Detailed Weight & Balance Load Manifest

iPad Apps for the Cockpit

The Most Accurate Takeoff Performance Tool

Spend more time flying, less time preparing

AFM Solutions is the most accurate and complete performance tools!

Takeoff Weight Limits
Climb Gradients

Aircraft Performance Apps include our powerful Aircraft Weight and Balance Software.
Each Application is Written Specifically for Your Aircraft Type and Model

aircraft performance app for iPad

AFM Solutions is a
A Texas-Based Company

Among our customers are:

Airlines, Corporate Flight Departments, Government, Pilots
(Part 121, Part 135 or Part 91 Use or Custom Design)

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