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Quick Start With King Air C90/F90 Free W&B App
Free software includes W&B only. Takeoff and Landing Performance are available for purchase.

When installing the software on your PC, make sure your firewall/anti-virus software allows your internet browser to download and install the software.

(See also, KING AIR 250 & 350)

Download App

(Win 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP)

After accepting the license agreement, select the aircraft model (C90, C90B, F90)

The software already contains some default numbers in the configuration settings form. All you need to do in order to see how the software works is to enter the crew and passengers and baggage weights and certain amount of fuel.

Press the "
Compute" button to see the results.
The "
Configuration" form you can enter your aircraft's tail number.
If you want to change the Basic Operating Weight and the BOW CG arm, you must register your aircraft's tail number with us first

Use the "Up/Down" arrow keys to move between input boxes. You can also use the "Tab" key and the "Enter" key.
The computed results look like this

Free King Air C90A/C90B Weight & Balance Software, Copyright 2009-2015 AFM Solutions, LLC

To register, email us your:
Name, Company Name or Aircraft Operator's Name
Aircraft's Tail Number or Registration and Aircraft Type

We will add your aircraft to the database of users and you will receive a confirmation email from us.
Then, click the "
Register" button and activate your tail number.

Copyright 2009-2015 AFM Solutions, LLC

Place your mouse over the "Aircraft CG" box to see the Forward and Aft limits

C.G. Out Of Limits Example

Copyright 2009-2015 AFM Solutions, LLC

The King Air F90 Model Has a Max. Zero Fuel Weight That Is Lower Than the MTOW - It Is Shown In Yellow Here

King Air F90 Weight and Balance App

Copyright 2009-2015 AFM Solutions, LLC

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